10 Best alkaline water purifier in India, March 2023

Best alkaline water purifier in India

What is the best alkaline water purifier in India? This question occurs to us from time to time. Our research and testing of thousands of water filters led us to these conclusions:

Choosing the right alkaline water purifier in India can be a challenging task. There are different types of water filters to match everyone’s budget and taste. However, not all water filters offer the same benefits. Examine the amount of impurities they remove to determine which is best for you.

You need multiple filters to do everything, there is no single filter that can do it all. By choosing wisely, alkalized water filters can save consumers a huge amount of money annually on drinking water. The system can also ensure the environment is protected.

Companies providing water purification services strive to enhance drinking water quality by using ultraviolet (UV) or ultra violet (UV) technology or by using any other latest technology. So, here is the list of best alkaline water purifier in India, select one according to your requirements. Before get into the list, let’s see what are various types Alkaline water filters.

List of the best alkaline water purifier in India

We have listed down best alkaline water purifier in India, so that you can select one based on your requirements.

01. Aquaguard Marvel NXT RO+UV e-Boiling+MTDS+Alkaline Water Purifier

Aquaguard Marvel NXT RO+UV e-Boiling+MTDS+Alkaline Water Purifier

pH Recharge filters provide alkalizing treatment without requiring invasive installation. They are a great option worth considering if you are looking for an alkalizing filter. In contrast to other alkaline water filters, it is very powerful, appealing to the eye, and easy to install.

Its large storage capacity of more than 6 litres refrains you from refilling it often, as it can hold enough water to supply an individual for two days. Besides this RO water filter machine is capable of doing a great deal that is not found in other systems. In keeping with most filtration systems, it removes chlorine and lead from water along with fluoride, bacteria, and other contaminants. Using the Aquaguard Marbel will result in a significant decline in TDS. Furthermore, an alkaline filter removes heavy metals, viruses, odours, and other contaminants from tap water, along with remineralizing water with magnesium, potassium and calcium, making it healthier and tastier. This system uses a fast-acting filter to produce high-quality water with little interruption to flow. In particular, the remineralisation filter is efficient. The filter cartridge should be replaced every 2800 litres, a process some customers have found challenging in the past.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Filters
  • Ionises
  • Installing is easy


  • Fluoride is not removed
  • 1-year warranty
  • Changing filter is challenging

02. Havells FAB Alkaline 7 L Absolutely Safe RO + UV

Havells FAB Alkaline 7 L Absolutely Safe RO + UV

A good solution to getting healthy water with a high pH level and also free of contaminants is the Express Water. This filtration system features eight filtration stages, each of which contributes to the production of high-quality drinking water, and an attractive brass faucet that should suit most modern kitchens. Being an RO unit, Havells FAB Alkaline 7L is among the easily installable ones.

Manufacturer’s customer support and detailed instructions have helped a lot in this regard. There are multiple filters in this unit, each labelled for its purpose in the filtration process, and there is a handy diagram too, for installation guidance. This model also allows you to replace the filters in need. The Havells water filter has an expertise of removing pollutants like bacteria, lead, arsenic, chlorine and many more.

Having such a powerful RO will also make sure that calcium and magnesium are removed, so make sure that your RO system has a remineralization filter if you wish to enjoy water with high alkalinity. This Havells Alkaline water filter contains food-grade materials and is BPA free, so there’s no concern about adding any contaminants to it.

Having a filter of this size is just perfect for one person to drink plenty of water in a day, but for a larger family, you’ll have to refill it often. Besides, all the odds, this filter would be a great purchase at the price, and recharging is not a problem.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Remineralizing appliance
  • A filter
  • Having good capacity


  • Filters are not long lasting
  • Needs to be refilled
  • No reminder for filter change

03. KENT Supreme Alkaline Water Purifier

KENT Supreme Alkaline Water Purifier

Incorporates six stages of filtration with a Reverse Osmosis (RO) feature the Kent Purifier effectively eliminates 99% of contaminants responsible for odour and bad taste. Food-grade tubing and filters come with this unit. If you plan to install a water filtration system, make sure that the water is of high quality. Having all the latest technological features is nice, but what matters most is the quality of the water. The Kent water test results have consistently been excellent and affordable. This system has been extremely popular due to the addition of the alkaline filter. By adding calcium carbonate to the water, the pH level is raised. The combination of alkaline features with the reverse osmosis process guarantees the purest water in a specialised food-grade tap. Using this method, your water will be tested for total dissolved solids, a hard contaminant to remove. Fortunately, the installation procedure is very easy.


  • Using a Post Carbon + Alkaline filter, the purifier makes the water more alkaline by adjusting its pH
  • Maintaining the purifier is easier with the filter change alarm and UV failure alarm
  • Utilizes the overhead tank to achieve zero water waste.


  • High maintenance costs approx Rs 5000.
  • Costly.

04. V-Guard Rejive RO+UF+MIN+ALK Water Purifier

V-Guard Rejive RO+UF+MIN+ALK Water Purifier

The V-Guard Rejive RO+UF+MIN+ALK Water Purifier is an incredibly efficient water filter that offers the best value for money. Despite being more expensive, it provides its users with higher levels of contaminant elimination, alkalization, and remineralization. There are eight stages of remineralization in this device, which increases oxygen and antioxidant levels in drinking water. To ensure good health, calcium, potassium, and many more minerals are included in the drinking water. Using reverse osmosis, it can reduce up to 99.99% of all major contaminants such as arsenic, chlorine, lead, nitrates, pesticides, etc. Germs that cause disease cannot survive this product’s filtration capacity. This unit provides the safest drinking water available apart from good taste and smell.


  • Eight stages of remineralization
  • Water is 99.99% contaminant-free
  • Safety and effectiveness through integrated leak detection alarms.


  • Only 1 year complete warranty.
  • Light noise when motor runs.
  • Hard to install without technician.

05. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura Alkaline Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura RO+AUTO UV+Alkaline+Mineral Guard+Active Carbon Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard purifiers employ alkaline booster technology to increase pH values immediately through a seven-stage purification process. The design and technology of Aura RO+UV+Alkaline are its most distinctive qualities. RO technology ensures maximum filtration while maintaining water purity even after it is purified with UV LEDs. With alkaline cartridges, pH levels of water are automatically raised, resulting in alkaline water. As an additional benefit, these purifiers improve the quality and taste of your water, along with improving your kitchen’s appearance. Using the patented mineral guard technology, water is protected from losing any of its essential minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. Thus, the water produced is fresh and wholesome. There is an LED indicator on this Aquaguard water purifier, as well as a see-through tank for monitoring the level of water. RO helps to remove harmful chemicals, TDS, etc. Purifiers such as this are best recommended for households that receive water from municipal sources, tankers etc.


  • 7-stage purification
  • Automatic UV feature
  • Retains valuable minerals in water
  • Suitable for all types of water
  • LED indicators
  • Large storage capacity
  • Power saving mode


  • Some amount of water gets wasted.

06. KENT Elegant Alkaline RO+UF+TDS Control+UV In-Tank+Alkaline

KENT Elegant Alkaline Compact RO+UF Water Purifier, Alkaline pH 8+ Water

A total of 8-9 water purifiers are available from this company. The best Kent water purifiers are those that use RO, UV, UF, and TDS controllers. Besides removing bacteria from water, these water purifiers also increase its mineral content. Express Water Filter with ten stages of RO is one of the best sellers among this group. It comes in a convenient kit that can be easily installed. The kit includes both a tap and a tank. This system requires no additional purchases. Water is made fresh and clean through reverse osmosis. With this model, 99.9 percent of lead, fluoride, and chlorine can be removed along with arsenic, bacteria, and calcium. Furthermore, it should also be noted that it is effective at adding minerals to water. It is an undersink model. There are no hassles associated with refilling the filter, which is an added benefit. Water can be filled into the tank using this filter. Unfortunately, it costs more than other filters. Nevertheless, its advantages over its price make it a wise investment. There is a leak detection system too. As long as drinking healthy water is concerned, one must go for the KENT Elegant Alkaline RO+UF+TDS Control+UV In-Tank+Alkaline system.


  • Eliminates pollutants present in water
  • System for detecting leaks
  • Easily customizable
  • Under-sink model that saves space
  • Reverse osmosis system


  • Quite expensive.
  • Annual Maintenance cost is high.

07. Blue Star Eleanor 8-Liter,RO + UV + UF + IBT + Alkaline Water Purifier

Blue Star Eleanor 8-Liter,RO + UV + UF + IBT + Alkaline Water Purifier

ISpring’s drinking water reverse osmosis water filter with a six-stage filtration makes a great choice in this section. With outstanding properties, it improves the taste of water, remineralizes it and helps restore the acidity of water so that your family can enjoy mineral-rich water. Filters such as this remove the vast majority of contaminants, including fluoride, chlorine, arsenic etc along with lead.

The pH balanced water filter mixes minerals into the water while maintaining a balance of alkalinity. You can expect slightly acidic water from it with pH 7 or below. Coming to the looks, the model is sleek and stylish, as well as quick and easy to install. The package includes everything you need and it is eco-friendly as well.

Some users have reported leaks, however. Nevertheless, if you are seeking a high-quality filtration system, you may consider buying this model. With the RCC7AK’s multi-layer filtration system, it is more effective in removing toxins, as well as remineralizing water.


  • Built to last
  • DIY installation
  • Saves money and is eco-friendly
  • Excellent filtering ability
  • Remineralization filter included


  • There have been reports of leaks

08. Aqua Active Copper 10-L, Alkaline, RO+UV Water Filter Purifier for Home

Aqua Active Copper 10-L, Alkaline, RO+UV

An extremely reputable company specialising in water purification, Aqua, offers a wide range of products. They were early adopters of using Reverse Osmosis to purify water. Users favour this model since the RO membrane that the company offers has a long life and only needs to be replaced once a month. A popular choice among alkaline water purifiers in the segment is the Aqua Active Alkaline water purifier, which is known for its high quality. Made from superior materials, it ensures durability. Look it up if you’re looking to reduce your spending. It is manufactured with sophisticated processes, ensuring its performance. Ten litres of water can be filtered with this water filter mounted on a wall. It features six stages of filtering. Using this unique filter, heavy metals, chlorine, and other pollutants can be removed from water. In some cases, the pH level of the water can be increased and go to 10 depending on the source. The molecule size is reduced, resulting in alkaline water which the body absorbs easily. As a result, you remain hydrated. As well as removing pollutants, the water filter adds minerals to the water.


  • Activated carbon filter included
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Produces mineralized toxin free water
  • Long-lasting materials


  • Problems with quality control

09. Aquadpure Alkaline + ORP with Active Copper + RO + UV + UF + TDS Controlle

Aquadpure Alkaline + ORP with Active Copper + RO + UV + UF + TDS Controller

If you are looking for an alkaline water filter, this water filter pitcher is another option. This water filter pitcher offers many useful features and won’t let you down. When fully charged, this model is capable of providing up to 12 litres of clean drinking water through Multi Stage purification filtration. Besides producing alkaline water, it also gets rid of the presence of chlorine, fluoride, lead and dirt from the water and makes it odour free. This model comes with water filters, with which you can avoid buying bottled alkaline water all the time. This reduces waste in the environment. Being very economical, you could purify up to 3000 bottles before having to replace the filter. A simple, elegant design completes its appearance. It can be mounted on walls.


  • Enhances water pH remarkably
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Filtration process includes 7 stages
  • Eco-friendly
  • An oval-shaped outline


  • Capacity is not sufficient for everyone.

10. Livpure Envy DX RO+UV+UF+Smart TDS Adjuster+Alkaline Water Purifier

Livpure Envy DX RO+UV+UF+Smart TDS Adjuster+Alkaline Water Purifier

Using this water purifier, you can hourly purify up to 8 litres of water, eliminate up to 2000 ppm of TDS, making even dirty water safe to drink. Livpure is the best option for large families and has a seven-stage purification system that completely removes all contaminants from the water. Silver’s natural antimicrobial properties enable it to kill all bacteria, thereby eliminating any disease. UV light kills 99.9% germs in unpurified tap water, making it an inexpensive way to purify water. With just a couple of yearly replacements, it can treat your entire household’s water better than chlorine filters. There are LED indicators to indicate the purifier’s power on mode and full tank status. This compact tank can easily be mounted anywhere. During RO filtration, a semipermeable membrane traps particles from the water and returns them to the environment.


  • It easy to use.
  • AMC is also very low.
  • It comes with A seven-stage filtration system.


  • Parts availability is questionable.

Water Alkaline Filters of various types

Finding the Best alkaline water purifier in India filter isn’t a simple task. You can find alkaline water filters in various sizes, including mobile models, so you are sure to find a model that meets your needs perfectly.


You generally find an ioniser connected to your kitchen sink, which is a rectangular unit that sits on top of or underneath your kitchen counter.

Ionisers usually offer the greatest degree of flexibility with respect to pH regulation, and they are equipped with buttons corresponding to different alkalinity levels. Ionisers are capable of generating acidic water for cleaning and cosmetics as well as alkaline water for drinking and cooking in just seconds. Typically ionisers come with their own specialised tap, equipped with a simple pH knob for optimising the water’s pH level.


Water pitchers that have an alkaline filter are placed in the middle, similar to any other pitcher except that the filter is larger. There are two halves to these pitchers, a top and a bottom. The water makes its way through the alkalizing filter after being added to the top half, reducing molecule cluster sizes, raising the pH of the water and making it easier for the body to absorb. After passing down the filter, the water will settle at the base of the container, ready for drinking.

 Having a water pitcher is convenient as it is portable and can be stored when not being used. Many pitchers can also fit inside your refrigerator, making it easy for you to have cool, alkaline drinking water readily available.

Countertop Filters

There is an effective solution for alkalized drinking water using countertop alkali filters. Filters like these make water safer by removing harmful pollutants such as chlorine, adding essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium, and thereby increasing pH levels. Countertop filters usually have the benefit that you can easily connect them to your kitchen sink faucet and unplug them when you need to store them. The majority of them are fairly small and compact, so they don’t occupy much space on your desk, so you can take them anywhere and use them with any faucet you encounter.

It is rare for countertop filtration systems to decrease acidity by shrinking water molecules. The alkalinity of water can only be improved through the addition of certain alkaline minerals.

RO Demineralizing Filters

Demineralizing RO filters are a useful water treatment system suitable for people who filter their water by reverse osmosis. In addition to RO producing incredibly clean water, with nearly 100% of all dissolved solids removed, RO also removes the minerals which make water taste alkaline. Remineralization filters may be added as an upgrade to a reverse osmosis machine, allowing water to be remineralized before consumption. Filters of this type do not change the size of molecules, therefore, they do not contribute to the faster absorption of the water you are drinking.

Filtered Water Bottles

A filtered water bottle makes it easy to drink alkaline water while you’re out and about. In place of having to spend a lot of money every year buying bottled water, you can fill up your filter bottle with tap water, and then filter the water whenever you drink it. This will ensure that the pH level of the water remains balanced.

When it comes to alkalinity, there is a very little difference between bottled water and tap water other than the higher presence of minerals in bottled water. The taste of filtered water is significantly improved by the addition of magnesium and calcium minerals. The minerals also offer other benefits. Many of them are self-cleaning, and some are able to eliminate pollutants including lead and chlorine.

There is a straw provided with the majority of bottles, and you’ll have to use it if you’re going to use the system. By sucking through the straw, you force water into the filter before it reaches your mouth.

Inline Filters

An inline water filter is typically installed where your kitchen sink faucets are located, however it may also be installed at the point of entry of your water point.

Installing inline filters in conjunction with in-sink water filters is an effective way to increase your water’s alkalinity before it hits your faucet. A similar filter can also be installed in front of your refrigerator to provide clean ice and chilled water.

Alkaline Water Filters advantages

The popularity of alkaline water filter systems is certainly on the rise. Alkaline water filters provide benefits that are greater than its disadvantages. Following is a list of some of the many reasons why many people are switching to this filter.

Contaminants reduction – A major health benefit of alkaline water is the removal of unwelcome contaminants from your water. There will always be pollutants and chemicals in all water sources, regardless of your location. According to your location, the impact may be different, but the fact remains that  lead, copper, and fluoride cannot be consumed. These harmful microorganisms and elements are removed from your water by your alkaline filter, allowing it to be consumed.

Higher pH levels – In addition to maintaining the purity and safety of your drinking water, alkaline water filters also work to make your water alkaline by increasing its pH levels. As a result, your body will be able to cope with the acidic components absorbed through your diet over time. In spite of the acidic pH level of your stomach, drinking alkaline water produced by the filters will produce hydrochloric acid in the body, which will help balance acid levels.

Additional Minerals – Using alkaline water filters allows you to drink water that is mineral-enriched. Besides removing odours, it also boosts the mineral content of your drinking water. Cardiorespiratory capacity is improved as well. Additionally, alkaline water filters shield your body from the effects of high-intensity exercise by stimulating hydrogen ions. In these situations, portable alkaline water filters are ideal.

Simplicity and affordability – Alkaline water filters are a bit pricey, but they don’t fall over budget by any means. In addition to that, it is a long-term investment, as only the filter itself needs to be replaced on a regular basis. These filters can be easily replaced.

Alkaline water filters have the disadvantage that you must be vigilant when it comes to replacing the screen. Each type and brand of filter has a recommendation for how frequently the screen needs to be changed.

Mineral Vs. RO water filter purifier ?

Alkaline water neutralises acidity and maintains healthy pH levels. When your body’s pH is higher, you need less cholesterol and fat. Hydroxyl ions are considered antioxidants. In the body, they neutralise free radicals. You can also benefit from drinking alkaline water if you have a hard time absorbing vitamins and minerals in food. In addition, it helps your body cleanse itself. By comparison, RO water contains less toxins. Some RO systems are capable of removing any pollutant from the water source 95 percent of the time. They are also capable of filtering out minerals from the water. On the other hand, many RO systems are equipped with alkali mineral cartridges.

There are many advantages to using these, including having clean, pH-balanced alkaline water available in your home. Hence, once water is treated, it will go through a post-treatment cartridge that will remineralize and alkalize it. Your home’s water contains a higher pH level and magnesium and calcium ions.

Are you supposed to replace the filter on your water filter jug regularly?

It depends a lot on the brand and model of your water filter jug and how much you use it. Many water filters have indicators that tell you when they need changing. In the new generation water filters, the duration is displayed in months. If you are unable to recall how long ago the filter was changed, watch for these signs:

  • Water smells unpleasant
  • Tastes metallic
  • Filtering is slow

Things to consider while buying a alkaline water purifier in India

Alkaline Water Filters pH Range Considerations

Investing in an alkaline water filter will help you enjoy water that has high alkalinity. The pH range is a key factor here. A water’s pH ranges between 6.5 and 8.5. Since neutral is 7, most sources of drinking water are a little acidic for our taste. The pH range of some water ionizers is adjustable between acidic and alkaline. Increasing the pH of your water might not require this level of flexibility, however, it can be useful if you want both an acidic and alkaline pH. In many of the alkaline water filtration solutions on this list you can’t choose what pH you want your water to have, so it is crucial that you pick a system that meets your needs.

Type of System

There are pros and cons to every water alkaline filtration system. Some control pH, others remove contaminants, installation of some is more challenging and many more. It will depend on your taste and your budget which model you choose. With more money, you will have more choices with much convenience.

Removing other contaminants

Some alkaline water purifier in India have capabilities beyond just alkalizing water. In terms of altering your water’s pH and removing all pollutants, reverse osmosis is a great option. The reverse osmosis process can

remove several types of impurities such as heavy metals and bacteria. When it comes to improving the quality and taste, an RO system is a great option.

A pitcher, countertop, inline or bottle filter can typically remove chlorine and lead contaminants, but they aren’t as efficient as reverse osmosis. It is now common for even the most basic ionisers to remove most contaminants and also change the pH, providing a dual benefit with a large number of alkalizing filtration solutions.

Installation & Maintenance

Consider the installation difficulty before choosing an alkaline water purifier in India, as well as your willingness to pay for installation services if required. Installation typically entails cutting into the home’s water supply, installing the alkaline water machine, and hooking it to the water supply. Several alkaline water filtration systems are easy to install, so installing them may not be as time-consuming and challenging as you think. It is expected that countertop water ionisers will need to be connected to the kitchen sink. Pitchers are portable and affordable alkaline water purifier in India options that don’t need installation.

 It is important to verify whether a filter needs to be changed. If yes, how often before purchasing. It may be worth paying more for a system that does not require filters, as opposed to paying less for a system that needs frequent filter change.


Verify the warranty prior to buying an alkaline water purifier in India. If you get a defective product, make sure to check its warranty and ask for a refund or replacement. Manufacturing mistakes are common, so it’s important to be informed if an item arrives damaged. Alkaline water filters are typically covered by a 5-year warranty, although some go up to a lifetime guarantee. It’s essential to get a good warranty when you have purchased expensive alkaline water purifier in India, especially those that use electricity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is alkaline water capable of eliminating toxins?

Alkaline water helps in the elimination of toxins and acidic byproducts from the body.

Are kidneys at risk from alkaline water?

Your body is safe to drink alkaline water. Consult your doctor if you have any health issues, and then get an alkaline filter.

Does alkaline-rich water improve immunity?

You benefit from alkaline water because it boosts your immune system. Research has also demonstrated this benefit.

What makes alkaline water purifiers so costly?

Because of the great buzz surrounding alkaline water and its health benefits, alkaline water purifiers are expensive. A good alkaline water purifier will benefit your health in the long run.

Is the alkaline water filter really necessary?

There is no necessity of such a filter unless you make it one. Do not believe the myth that water is healthier with a higher pH. Health benefits of alkaline ionised water go far beyond pH.

Most people who drink ionised water to reap its health benefits are already ill. On contact with that moderately alkaline water, your stomach acid will react immediately to neutralise it. An electrochemical method of alkalinity using sodium salt is the worst.

Is it harmful for the digestive system to consume alkaline water daily?

Detoxifying properties are known to accompany alkaline water. It also offers relief from stomach acidity and regulates pH levels within your body. Mineral-rich alkaline water aids metabolism too along with aiding metabolism and health in general. You can resume drinking alkaline water after a few days of discontinuing consumption.

Can you make alkaline water?

The process of ionisation can make water alkaline by raising its pH. Alkaline water can be made in many ways. Water can be  made alkaline by using a water filter.

Alkaline water must be consumed daily?

Drinking alkaline water regularly is crucial. When consumed regularly, it can have a positive impact on health and well-being.

Do alkaline water filters last long?

Alkaline water pitchers are made to last eight years or more. A new filter should be replaced every six to twelve months.


Water plays a crucial role in your health. Ensure the water you drink has been filtered, disinfected, and is safe for consumption. The Indian market offers a wide range of alkaline water purifier designed to ensure your water is safe and free from contaminants. The purpose of this blog post is to show you some of the Best alkaline water purifier in India for your specific needs.

We hope that the article The best alkaline water purifier in India has given you plenty of options. Our detailed buying guide is packed with important information that will help you make the best decision.

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