What Marvel and Disney PR is Screwing Up With Guardians of the Galaxy

Nearly three months ago, I opined that Marvel and Disney were doing a stellar job with marketing Guardians of the Galaxy.

Now I’m not so sure. What’s changed?

That’s the problem. Nothing’s changed. Since late February, audiences haven’t seen a shred of new footage. Additional photos, trailer amalgamations and a television special have simply recycled bits from the trailer.

For a comic book geek and MCU fan, it’s really irritating.

For audiences, it does nothing–and that’s bad. Never a good sign when general theater-going folks don’t know what the hell a major tentpole property is.

Yes, Guardians isn’t necessarily a hot comic property, and initial PR made great use of this. But the slow-burn campaign isn’t working so hot.

C’mon, fellas. Don’t leave us hanging!


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