7 Best fully automatic washing machine with dryer in India 2022

Best fully automatic washing machine with dryer in India

The best thing about an fully automatic washing machine with dryer is that it is capable of washing and drying all your clothes at the same time. This type of washing machine and dryer combo is very convenient and compact, making it an ideal choice for small apartments or houses. Your precious time is saved when you use a 2 in 1 washing machine! But the best part is that you don’t have to worry about hand-washing & drying your laundry.

Newer fully automatic washing machine with full dryer models have the ability to eliminate allergens and protect your clothes more effectively.

By making a purchase in a hurry, it is possible to end up with something that is not suitable for your needs, and cannot fulfill your expectations in terms of durability. However, as technology has advanced and the years have passed, washing machines have also become more advanced. A person can find endless options today, making choosing the right fully automatic washing machine with dryer a little more challenging. In this article, we present a list of the 7 best fully automatic washing machines with dryers available in India.

List of the best fully automatic washing machine with dryer

Here’s a list of fully automatic washing machine with dryer that will help you choose the perfect one for your home. In the following paragraphs, we will provide you with some general tips to consider before buying a new appliance and some of the best washing machine with dryer fully automatic available in India today.

In Samsung’s 8 kg/6 kg front-loading washing machine, your favourite clothes are safe. With its Diamond Drum, you won’t have to worry about your clothes getting snagged and you’ll be able to toss them gently throughout the cycle. You can choose from a variety of wash options, such as intensive washing for stubborn stains, which involves the washer mixing detergent and water quickly to provide a deeper clean. The washer drum is even cleaned after every 20 cycles, making your appliance last longer.

The machine features Eco Bubble Technology, which maximizes performance by reducing wash time to half. On the front of this machine, unlike most front-loaders, the control panel is protected from water splashes. Featuring an 8-kilogram capacity and active dual wash, this washer meets all household needs.

  • Wash a normal load under 15 minutes.
  • It has 22 wash programs.
  • It features Samsung’s BubbleWash and BubbleSoak functions, both of which contribute to a deeper cleaning.
  • Includes Samsung’s AirWash technology, which disinfects and deodorizes clothes without using harsh chemicals.
  • Display quality is not good.
  • Touch buttons do not have a backlight.
  • No drum light.

Bosch WNA254U0IN is a high-efficiency unit that provides quiet performance. It is a front load fully automatic washing machine with dryer is the ideal unit for large families due to its capacity of 10 kg.

It may be noisy for the Bosch washing machine and disturb your peace with noise level under ‎65 dB, but Bosch washer dryers use the latest technology to operate quietly and without disturbing your baby.

You will remain undisturbed throughout the day while the laundry is being washed with advanced silent technology. It can also wash & dry everything in just one hour, and there is also a very efficient cleaning mode.

Thanks to features such as the AutoDry sensor technology, your washer dryer will stop the cycle once it detects your load is completely dry. A continuous humidity measurement is performed within the drum by the machine. The result is not only a reduction in the amount of heat and electricity used to dry the clothes and laundry, but it also ensures that the clothes and laundry do not get overheated as a result of excessive heat.

It is a powerful and gentle front load washer dryer that is also easy to use. Your washer dryer will do all the work for you after you choose the program and set the optimal settings.

Up to 65% less time is needed for this washing machine to perfectly wash your clothes than a regular front loader. Furthermore, it features allergy prevention technology, which is perfect for people with sensitive skin.

  • In between washings, you can add or remove clothes by clicking the Pause button.
  • Cleans drums automatically.
  • Low noise.
  • Wash & Dry under 60 min.
  • Expensive.

This LG washer dryer offers lots of cutting-edge features at an affordable price. It features a ‘TurboWash 360 Degree’ designed to eliminate even the strongest odours quickly and effectively. Using impressive artificial intelligence technology and a stylish all-black design, the LG AI Direct Driver Washer and Dryer 10.5/7kg is an excellent choice for a modern home. In comparison to other washers, the AI DDTM technology gives 18% more protection to your expensive fabrics.

Using artificial intelligence, it will automatically determine the best washing pattern for each fabric based on its softness and weight. With LG AI Direct Driver, not only does it remove allergens and reduce wrinkles, but it can also wash faster and more thoroughly in 39 minutes with its TurboWashTM 360° technology. Furthermore, it consumes 28% less energy. Wi-Fi connectivity makes it easy to control remotely, and it works well with Google Assistant.

Best of all, it can serve as both a washer and a dryer, saving you more space in your modern home. Finally, this model comes with an advanced sensor that reduces energy and water consumption during cleaning. Having this eco-friendly approach allows you to save money and protect the environment at the same time.

  • You can save space in your home by using a washer and dryer combo.
  • A higher level of 18% protection is provided by AI DDTM technology.
  • Detects the fabric’s softness and weight automatically and optimizes the washing pattern.
  • Germs and allergens are reduced by 99.99%.
  • Energy-savings of 28% with faster washing.
  • Google Assistant compatible and Wi-Fi enabled.
  • 74 dB Noise Level while spinning.

With the Lloyd Front Loader Washer Dryer, you will get your laundry freshly cleaned and dried. The machine spins at a maximum of 1400 RPM and has 16 preset programs to select from, allowing you to easily select your preferred setting. You can load your clothes into it easily without worrying about them falling out because it has a large front door opening.

This washer has a smart wash mode that removes dust mites, pollens, bacteria, and detergent residue. Putting allergy-free clothes on your infant child is one way to ensure their safety. A child-lock protection feature further enhances security and minimises disruptions to the wash process. Make sure you and your family have the best fully automatic washer dryer, especially if you have small kids, by choosing a Lloyd Front Loader Washer Dryer.

  • 1 Hour Wash & Dry.
  • Provides 100% dry, wearable clothes.
  • It comes with a 5 min wash program.
  • Noise level is average.
  • Iron Dryer feature.
  • It dries clothes 100% but takes 4.5 hours

If you are looking for a smart washing machine, the IFB Laundrimagic 3-in-1 Washing Machine is an excellent alternative to the LG AI Direct Driver Washer & Dryer. This front-load washing machine and dryer from IFB has a large 8.5 kg load capacity and 6.5 kg dry load capacity! It is great for families since you won’t have to split your laundry into several washes. Eco drive mode technology is incorporated into this machine for better fabric color preservation and low energy consumption. It ensures gentle washing and cleaning of your clothes.

The Gentle Dry mode eliminates the need to constantly monitor the drying process. Once your clothes are dry, the machine will automatically stop. For those who need clean clothes urgently, this machine has an express wash mode that takes 15 minutes. The IFB Washer Dryer is the best washer dryer you can buy if you want a product that lasts long and is durable!

  • 15 min wash program.
  • Laundry is kept fresh inside the drum.
  • Doesn’t shake.
  • Several wash modes to pick from.
  • Wash and dry under 2 hrs.
  • Refreshing capacity 2.5 kg.
  • It takes a long time to wash and dry clothes.

This Croma Built-In Heater, CRL WWD0805W7991 is an excellent dual washer and dryer with a capacity of 8 kg washer and dryer 6kg. Combined washing and drying makes regular laundry so much easier. Each wash cycle is adjusted automatically based on the weight of your clothes by the Auto Sense system. Overwashing is prevented, so your clothing will last longer.

The humidity levels are constantly monitored by smart sensors inside this dryer. When the dryer reaches the optimal humidity level, it will stop. The timer is set automatically, so you don’t have to figure out the exact setting. Furthermore, it prevents your clothing from overdrying.

The Croma Built-In Heater, CRL WWD0805W7991 features a large door opening that makes loading and unloading clothes easy. The motor of this machine comes with a 10 year warranty, and the general warranty includes two years of on-site service.

  • Stain-soaking feature.
  • Smart sensor.
  • Deodorizes and sanitizes your clothes.
  •  Upon restoration of power, the washing cycle is resumed
  • BIG LED Display.
  • Not found.

There is a maximum load capacity of 7kg for the Hafele Marina 7512WD Washer Dryer, and a maximum load capacity of 5kg for the dryer. With its large door opening and front-loading design, you can wash a full load of laundry in no time at all. The timer and sleep modes allow you to schedule it to start only at a certain time throughout the day or night.

The washer dryer does a good job of both washing and drying. For a thorough wash, it utilizes a smartwater flow technology that thoroughly penetrates all surfaces of the fabric. So even with a full load, the machine can separate the fabrics from one another to effectively clean them. Hafele Marina 7512WD Washer Dryer allows you to love doing laundry again.

  • 13 Smart Wash programmes.
  • Reload option to pause and add.
  • Multiple stain soak options.
  • Affordable.
  • Allergy safe wash.
  • Drying takes a long time.

What are the most common problems with washing machines?

Each washing machine is built differently and has a different motor, which means that not all of them will have the same problem. Here are the most commonly encountered ones every washer owner is likely to deal with:

  • There are strange sounds or vibrations coming from the washer– This is usually caused by a damaged tub bearing.
  • The washer stops midway through the cycle– Over time, the door or lid switch may need to be replaced because it can wear out.
  • Drainage is not working – There is a problem with the drain pump and it needs to be replaced
  • Baskets don’t spin or spin slowly – If it makes rattling sounds, you may need to replace or repair the motor coupler.
  • The spin cycle fails to pump out water– It is necessary to replace the drain pump once it becomes damaged.

Things to consider while buying a fully automatic washing machine with dryer

Energy rating

It is the most economical machine that receives the highest ISEER rating. It’s better to buy one of the latest models equipped with sensors than an older one, however, running costs vary according to how long it’s used for, and how hard it needs to work. For example, a higher spin on your washing cycle means your dryer has to do less work.

Washing capacity and drying capacity

As mentioned above, washer-dryers have different washing and drying capacities. Sometimes it can be as much as half of the washer’s capacity. Buying a machine should be based on its drying capacity.

Spin speed

The washer-dryers, with maximum spin speeds of 1200rpm to 1600rpm, were most commonly found at 1400rpm. The spin speed of your washer-dryer refers to the number of times the drum rotates in a minute. In order to remove excess water from a washing machine, the spin speed is increased at the end of the cycle.

Then, if your spin-speed is adjustable, you might save money by raising the spin-speed because it will take less time for clothes to dry. Clothing should always be washed and dried according to the label. The following speeds are generally recommended for spinning clothes:

Ideal spin for Cottons is 1400 RPM, Ideal spin for Silk is 400 RPM, Ideal spin for Wool is 1200rpm, Ideal spin Synthetics is 1000rpm, Ideal spin for delicate clothes is 600rpm.

Type of Washer Dryer

Washers and dryers come in three different types: stackable, side-by-side, and two-in-one. You will have to consider how much space you have in your home when choosing a washer and dryer. A stackable washer and dryer set may be the best choice for those with narrow closets. It is ideal for small spaces to have a compact washer dryer.


Some washer dryer combos come with a steam function that can help you remove stains and minimize creases. You can even refresh your clothes with a steam disinfection cycle on some machines.

Digital Display

A digital display is available on higher-end models that allows you to monitor the progress of your wash and control your washing cycle. During the cycle, you will also see an indicator light on the display and the unit will beep when the session is complete.

In some digital displays, users can choose their favorite wash program from a memory setting. LED displays are also more appealing than analog ones.

Time to wash and dry using the combination programme

For people who want clothes to be cleaned and dried without lifting a finger, washer-dryers offer a 2-in-1 programme that is a real blessing. However, these programs can take a long time to complete. Depending on the cycle, some of these cycles can take from a super-speedy two hours, to an exhausting four and a half hours. Make sure you consider how long it will take you to finish it.

For people who want clothes to be cleaned and dried without lifting a finger, washer-dryers offer a 2-in-1 programme that is a real blessing. However, these programs can take a long time to complete. Depending on the cycle, some of these cycles can take from a super-speedy two hours, to an exhausting four and a half hours. Make sure you consider how long it will take you to finish it.

Here are some other wash programmes to keep an eye out for

In all washer-dryers, you can choose between cotton and synthetic wash cycles. Other programs aren’t essential, but they will make your clothes look better and improve the user experience.

Look for the following settings in the washing machine:

Quick wash – perfect for slightly dirty clothes and a quick refresh

Delicates/silk – programs designed specifically for delicates and silks

Mixed fabrics – useful when washing a few items with different textures

There are a few things to look out for when setting up your tumble dryer:

Refresh – a quick revitalisation when you don’t require a full cycle

Mixed – great for laundry that hasn’t been separated

Whether it is loud or not

When you’re likely to have a washer-dryer running for almost four hours daily, you want it to be as quiet as possible.

Decimbel range while spinning

Loud – 75dB+

Average – 60- 70dB

Quiet – Below 60dB.


There is no right or wrong decision when choosing a fully automatic washing machine with dryer. It all depends on what you need on a daily basis and what your budget is.

First of all, you should know how much capacity you need. It depends on how many people will use the washing machine. For example, by choosing a below 6 kg washing machine with dryer fully automatic for a family of 7 and more, you’ll reduce the appliance’s durability and force it to work harder.

Finally, make sure the unit has a water-saving system. You will be able to save time and energy by using this feature. This will reduce your home’s energy consumption.

We’ve decided to name the Samsung 8.0 kg / 6.0 kg Wi-Fi Enabled Inverter Fully-Automatic Washer Dryer our best buy.

LG 10.5 Kg / 7.0 Kg Inverter Wi-Fi Washer Dryer, come with more features and specifications,

Bosch 10Kg/6Kg Inverter Washer Dryer is best for smart wash.

Croma 8kg/6kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washer Dryer Combo is best for bigger load at affordable price.

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