10 Best juicer mixer grinder under 5000 in India, March 2023

Best juicer mixer grinder under 5000

Juicer mixer grinder are very convenient and reduce a lot of effort. They are less space-consuming than full-size models. Personal Mixer Juicers are smaller and more compact, and they are also less space-consuming since they blend in the same cup you drink out of.

The purpose of this article is to guide and help you figure out which personal Mixer Juicer is actually worth your money. For this purpose, we searched for 10 of the most promising models on the market, and examined them in various conditions, and noted how they did in these tests. Furthermore, we have research each one based on its ability to blend fibrous greens and crush ice, as well as its durability and ease of cleaning capabilities. Keep reading this article to know more the Best juicer mixer grinder under 5000 in India.

List of the Best juicer mixer grinder under 5000

Following is the list of the Best juicer mixer grinder under 5000 for home.

01. Kenstar Mixer Grinder 1000 watts

Kenstar Mixer Grinder 1000 watts

The motor of this blander is a 1000W Endura Plus pure copper motor. Each of the three jars is equipped with different capacities, such as 1.5L for liquid, 1L for dry, and 0.4L for chutney. The Juicer jar is equipped with a 6-fin blade which makes it perform well. Furthermore, Indian Standard body certifies that it is safe for domestic use and includes all the necessary safety measures. With the clip lock on the dome, hands-free operation is secured. It also includes an OLP function for safety purposes. The body of the grinder is equipped with anti-skid rubbers on its bottom to ensure the balancing of this Grinder.


  • Motors are covered by a five-year warranty.
  • SS blades with 6 fins for liquidizers.
  • Motor made of pure copper.
  • The best grinder for quick grinding.
  • Made in India product.


  • Noise distraction when running at full speed.

02. KENT 16083 Super Power Grinder

KENT 16083 Super Power Grinder

The Kent Super Power Grinder & Blender is one of the best Mixer Juicers on the Indian market for under 5000 rupees. The item comes with a 1200W  motor that is capable of producing 30000 RPM, making it an extremely powerful machine. Moreover, blades made of stainless steel 304 with a thickness of 1.5mm can grind almost anything within the parameters of two to three swirls.

In addition the Mixer Juicer has  three jars, which also comes with a BPA-Free Mixer Juicer, and has two stainless steel jars. Jars come in various capacities, such as , Mixer Juicers come with 2L, grinding jars have 1L, and chutney jars have 0.4L. Furthermore, locking lids are attached to grinding jar domes to facilitate hands-free operation.

Safety features such as overcurrent protection and overheating protection are installed to  ensure your safety at all times. Additionally, the button panel provides you with an option for the pulse function. By using this option, you can utilize the full speed of the Mixer Juicer at your comfort.


  • The motor is covered by a 5 year warranty.
  • It is extremely easy to clean.
  • This product does not contain any BPA.
  • Protection from overload.
  • It’s motor is very powerful.


  • Consume a lot of energy.

03. Maharaja Whiteline MX-220

Maharaja Whiteline MX-220

Among all the mixer grinders under 5000 rupees, the Maharaja Whiteline MX-220 stands out . This machine has a powerful motor of 1000 Watts that generates 22000 RPM, provides perfect mixture quickly.

In addition, the motor offer continuous grinder for 30 minutes. In order to support multiple grinding purposes, it has three jars for various grinding needs from wet to dry. Moreover, the mixer is equipped with a cooling system to keep it cool when grinding heavy things.


  • Quick grinding – A22000 RPM Powerful Motor.
  • Motors is made from copper.
  • Uses the cooling function.
  • Blades made from Stainless Steel.


  • Jar frequently keep popping up while grinding.

04. INALSA Mixer Grinder 1000 Watt

INALSA Mixer Grinder 1000 Watt

There are a lot of juicers and mixer grinders under 5000, but the INALSA Aarin is one of the best. There are four jars in the package and it comes with a 1000W motor. You will receive two extra blades in the package for whisking and mincing. There are different capacities for each blade, such as 1.5l fruit Mixer Juicer jar, 1.0l medium jar & 0.4l small jar.

To get fine grinding, the jars are equipped with jointless pounding blades. Additionally in order to make sure that INALSA Aarin is of high quality, it is tested on different parameters.

Testing is briefly mentioned as follows: –

  • The blades are subjected to a 10-hour water load test to test their durability and quality.
  • A robust test is performed on the motor for a period of up to 215 hours.
  • Up to 2000 cycles have been tested to ensure that the lock & unlock system is flawless.
  • Test grinding for 30 minutes non-stop.


  • Motor made out of copper.
  • Tests are conducted multiple times to ensure quality and performance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight.


  • The users may not like the use of plastic in the body.

05. Havells Power Hunk 800 watt Mixer Grinder

Havells Power Hunk 800 watt Mixer Grinder

The Havells Power Hunk is one of the best mixer grinders that cost under 5000 rupees in India. You will receive three jars with unbreakable polycarbonate domes and the blades are made of stainless steel SS304. There are strong lid locks on the Juicer jar and dry grinder jar that allow you to operate them hands free. To improve performance in heavy usages, the motor has a full winding.


  • It comes with 7 years warranty on motor.
  • Blades made from stainless steel.
  • Easy to use.
  • The device is capable of supporting hands-free operation.


  • Small quantities of chutney is questionable.

06. Morphy Richards Icon Superb 750W Mixer Grinder

Morphy Richards Icon Superb 750W Mixer Grinder

This Juicer mixer grinder is powered by a powerful 750 watt motor and has five stainless steel blades. There are three jars in the mixer, each with different capacities, which are 1.5L jar, 1L jar, and 0.4L jar. Moreover, the motor is capable of  operation for a period of 30 minutes without auto shut. It can be adjusted through the knob to the desired speed.


  • 100% Copper motor.
  • Shock proof insulated.
  • Overload Protector.


  • A little bit of noise.

07. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond MG-214 mixer grinder

Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond MG-214 mixer grinder

Unbelievable! This product offer lifetime service warranty. Depending on your daily needs, it has three sizes of Jar including 1.5Ljar, 0.75LJar , and 0.5L  Jar. Its overheat cutoff function, the grinder will not overheat and will continue to work for a long time. It’s decibel ranges 80-90 DB, which is acceptable.


  • 100 percent stainless steel jars and blades.
  • Low Noise level
  • Flexi Lid.
  • Easy to use.


  • Some complaint about the Jars leaking issue.

08. Bajaj GX-4701 800W Mixer Grinder

Bajaj GX-4701 800W Mixer Grinder

It is equipped with an 800W power supply and needs 240V to operate. Additionally four jars are included with it: one for liquidizing, another for drying, one for chutney, and one for juicing. The motor is 100% copper wound for efficiency. The liquidizing jar comes with a lid lock so you can grind the liquid at ease without having to deal with any hassle.

A 20000 RPM motor enables the blades to rotate quickly, allowing the grinder to operate more efficiently. Therefore, it can be said that this is a great mixer grinder with juicing  jars under your budget.


  • Blades perform multiple tasks at various occasion.
  • The motor has by a five-year warranty.
  • It has a powerful motor with 100% pure copper windings.
  • Easy to use.


  • Noisy.

09. Butterfly Matchless Mixer Grinder

Butterfly Matchless Mixer Grinder

It has a strong body and comes in dual colors; ABS and stainless steel. Three stainless jars with a juicer are included: one 0.5 liter jars, two 1.25 liter jars, and a 1.75 liter jar. The grinder has an inbuilt light which indicates the current status of its power. Easy to use, it’s 3-speed motor offer faster and efficient grinding. Its high quality rotator blades reduce chopping or grinding time.


  • Four Multipurpose Jars.
  • There is a peephole in the lid of the jar.
  • Lighting around the Centre Knob.
  • The quality of the Stainless Steel Jar is very good.
  • Low noise.


  • Some users complained that the company doesn’t provide extra packing apart from the original butterfly cardboard.

10. Rico Mixer Grinder 750 watt Japanese Technology

Rico Mixer Grinder 750 watt Japanese Technology

This juicer mixer grinder from Rico Mixer has a 750W motor that is rust-free for life and anti-slip feet with ergonomic design.

Its three jars, designed for high efficiency, also, it’s Japanese technology ensures high performance. The juicer mixer grinder and plastic components are also covered by a two-year warranty. This mixer has a whipping option on the speed controller knob. Jars come with stainless steel blades. A locking system is attached to the dome of a liquidizer jar as well as a chutney jar for hassle free operation.


  • ABS plastic body.
  • Overload protection.
  • High speed motor : 18000 rpm.
  • leak-proof jars.


  • Makes noise.

Things to consider while Buying a juicer mixer grinder under 5000

Following are the factors to be considered while purchasing a personal Juicer mixer grinder.

Intended Use

It may be more economical to purchase a lower-priced Mixer Juicer if you are only going to use your Mixer for smoothies or soups.

Many Mixer Juicers are capable of grinding coffee, blending nut butter, and grinding ice, among other functions. The downside is that these Mixer Juicers can also be extremely expensive. It is important to think that, for what you will use your Mixer Juicer for, and how frequently.


When it comes to frozen fruits or harder fruits ordesserts or vegetables, you may need a mixer grinder with a stronger motor than 800 watts, which is capable of crushing ice into powder.

Glass vs. Plastic

There are several advantages to using glass Mixer Juicers: One of the most important advantages is that they aren’t likely to stain or hold on to odors. The only downside is that unlike the plastic counterparts, metal blending jars are heavy, and not always the ideal option for those who are prone to accidents or who need to take their jar with them on the go.

Additionally, glass Mixer Juicers are not guaranteed to be shatterproof – blending ice straight from a dishwasher could lead to disaster if you don’t make sure the glass is tightly sealed. There are many top models of a number of brands that utilize Tristan plastic, which is a BPA-free alternative to plastic that is lighter, thinner and more durable than glass.


Before you buy a juicer mixer grinder under 5000, remember to consider its value. You should think about what features and aspects you are most interested in and what you are willing to compromise when choosing a personal juicer mixer grinder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to clean a Mixer Juicer?

First of all you should always refer to company’s manual for specific instructions regarding how to clean your Mixer Juicer. There are models that come with dishwasher-safe jars or self-cleaning modes, but if yours juice mixer grinder does not have these features, you will need to wash everything by hand.
The jar, the gasket seal, the cutting blade, and the jar base or locking ring should all be cleaned with warm soapy water and be rinsed and dried thoroughly. When you have stuck on unpleasant odor, you can apply  baking soda and water in a 1:1 ratio before wet cleaning.

Are there any food processors or Mixer Juicers that I need to buy?

In most cases, Mixer Juicers have been designed to mix drinks and soft food together, whereas a food processor has a circular blade that is capable of chopping, slicing, grating, emulsifying (such as pesto) and shredding. Several Mixer Juicers come with feeding tubes that are designed to allow you to add ingredients as the process goes on.
In fact, some Mixer Juicers have attachments that can be used as a food processor, but those attachments aren’t as effective as the appliance on its own. Make your purchase based on what you need in the kitchen rather than the specific gadget’s features and purposes. The majority of households that cook a lot prefer to have two separate Mixer Juicers or one comprehensive Mixer Juicer that is more expensive.

What is the importance of wattage with mixer grinders?

The watt value of a mixer grinder is an important factor since it shows how well the product will perform. Mixer grinders are defined in terms of their speed, and the efficiency with which all the operations can be completed by the mixer grinder, and all of these are related to the watt of a grinder. A mixer grinder that has more watts will perform better, so the higher the value of the watt, the better will be the grinder.

What is the ideal power consumption of a juicer mixer grinder?

The total wattage of a grinder varies according to its usage. Those who require a mixer grinder for their basic needs are better off getting one that has at least 300W of power.
However, if you need to use a mixer grinder for detailed tasks, then you will need a larger wattage, and  more powerful grinder.
An electrical mixer grinder with a watt rating of 750 or over is generally the best choice both for multiple household uses and for use on the commercial.
You can also choose a higher wattage mixer grinder if you need it for any other specific purpose.

What are some ways to reduce the noise made by mixer grinders?

Follow these simple tips to reduce the noise generated by the mixer grinder:
It should not be placed near the wall
Make sure that the grinder is placed on the rubber mat
·Mixer grinders can be used at different times of the day
Choose a mixer grinder that makes little or no noise


It doesn’t matter if you are searching for a top-tier model that can handle the task at hand, or you are shopping for a budget option that can make your daily smoothie, we hope that this has given you more confidence when deciding which Best juicer mixer grinder under 5000 suits your needs and budget. Although the huge range of price points and features can make choosing the perfect Mixer Juicer seem like an impossible task, our goal is to help you select the Best juicer mixer grinder under 5000, and I hope that this review has been able to assist you.

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