12 Best RO water purifier with low maintenance cost in India 2023

Best RO water purifier with low maintenance cost in India

RO water is known to have a number of benefits. In recent years, RO water has emerged as a necessity in every Indian Kitchen. Drinking enough water is important for our health. Many people have refrigerators with water dispensers, but others use tap water. It may be a good idea to add a RO water filter to your kitchen as a kitchen gadgets to avoid contaminants that can affect taste, quality, and clarity. But, Ro water filter have high maintenance cost. Today, in this post I will show you some of the best RO water purifier with low maintenance cost in India. 

KENT Supreme Alkaline Water Purifier
KENT Supreme Alkaline Water Purifier Annual maintenance cost Approx ₹4500
Process of RO+UV+UF+Alkaline+TDS Control+UV.
Ideal for TDS upto 2000 ppm
Storage Capacity- 8 L 
HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Purifier
HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Table top Annual maintenance cost Approx ₹ 3,500
Process of Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7
Ideal for for TDS upto 2000 ppm
Storage Capacity- 8 L 
Havells Pro Safe RO + UV Purified Alkaline Water Purifier
Havells Pro Safe RO + UV Purified Alkaline Water Purifier Annual maintenance cost Approx ₹ 3,500
Process of RO + UV
Ideal for TDS above 1800 ppm
Storage Capacity – 7 L
Blue Star Opulus 8 L RO+UV+UF+IBT Alkaline Water Purifier
Blue Star Opulus 8 L RO+UV+UF+IBT Alkaline Water Purifier Annual maintenance cost Approx ₹ 3000
Process of RO+UV+UF+IBT Alkaline
Ideal for TDS upto 2000 ppm
Storage Capacity – 8 L
Aquaguard Marvel NXT RO+UV+MTDS
Aquaguard Marvel NXT RO+UV+MTDS Annual maintenance cost Approx ₹ 2500
Process of RO+UV+MTDS
Ideal for TDS upto 2000 ppm
Storage Capacity – 8 L
KENT Elegant Compact RO+UF Water Purifier
KENT Elegant Compact RO+UF Water Purifier Annual maintenance cost Approx ₹ 3500
Process of RO + UF + TDS Control + UV In-tank
Ideal for TDS upto 2000 ppm
Storage Capacity – 8 L

Things to consider while buying best water purifier with low maintenance cost

There are several factors you must consider before buying an RO water purifier with low maintenance cost in India. In the current market, there are several RO water purifiers. Taking the following points into account can help you get more benefits.  

Filter type

Filters used in water purifiers fall into four main categories: carbon, ceramic, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet light.


The carbon in a water purifier removes impurities by chemically absorbing them. Carbon filters can usually filter out particles between 0.5 and 50 microns. Most water purifiers use these filters. Some options attach directly to the faucet, although not all do.

Carbon water purifiers improve the Taste and smell of tap water by removing chemical contaminants. Despite their efficacy in removing heavy metals and organic pollutants like arsenic, mercury, chromium, cadmium, and minerals, these filters cannot remove heavy metals and inorganic contaminants like arsenic.


Ceramic filters have porous surfaces that remove larger particles, including dirt, debris, and bacteria, as water is drawn through them by gravity. Since ceramic filters cannot remove chemical contamination to the same degree as carbon filters, we can use other types of filters in conjunction with ceramic filters to obliterate contaminants. In most cases, ceramic water purifiers are freestanding units.

Reverse osmosis: 

This water purifier removes larger particles and contaminants from water, such as heavy metals, salt, and nitrates. There is a direct connection between these filters and the plumbing under the sink.

So the water is immediately filtered. 

It is possible to store water for future use in some reverse osmosis water purifiers. Additionally, a line drains all tainted water.

Ultraviolet light

Tap water can be purified using ultraviolet (UV) light. Filters like these kill bacteria, viruses, and other health-damaging microbes and improve water quality. However, UV filters are not able to remove heavy metals and salts. For UV water purifiers to be most effective, they must be combined with a filter. It is necessary to hire a professional to install a UV water purifier in your home.

Storage capacity

Water purifiers that are freestanding or countertops allow you to store purified water, but some have storage containers attached to the plumbing. It’s vital to keep these things in mind when choosing a purifier to consider the storage capacity to have enough drinking water at all times.

Buying the right size purifier for your home involves considering the size of your family and the amount of water you drink daily.

Flow rate

A purifying system’s flow rate is its speed, often recorded in gallons per hour. It is possible to filter drinking water more quickly with purifiers with a faster flow rate. 


For a water purifier’s effectiveness to be verified, it must be certified by an independent organization that removes contaminants. In particular, make sure the model has been tested and certified. 

Filter change indicator

If the filter gets old or dirty, the water purifier loses its effectiveness. 

Water filters and pitchers come with stickers that indicate the date when to change the filter and are attached to the filter. Others have dials that allow users to set the date. It’s easiest to remember to change the filter when you have a model indicating when to change it with a flashing light.

Water Type

Decide what kind of water is available in your home. You should buy a purifier that softens the hard water and another for hard water. Hard water may come from wells, borewells, or tanks. Soft water may come from rivers, rainwater, or lakes. 

Purifiers type

You must use RO filters if the water is hard. RO is not necessary if the water is soft. You should buy an inline water filter that includes a UV filter if the water in your home is full of contaminants. The RO and UV filters are necessary if the water is hard and contains contaminants. 

Installation feasibility

These are the best options as long as your kitchen has a power outlet and enough space for a wall mount purifier. However, a sink purifier is an excellent option if space is an issue. 

Which is better, alkaline or RO water?

It is essential to keep in mind that RO and alkaline water both have advantages and disadvantages. The pH level of alkaline water increases. However, RO water increases its acidity. Thus, getting an alkaline machine that offers the most benefits is essential. 

Water purifier prices

Your budget is the most critical factor, and it plays a significant role in your decision. The essential purifiers will start at Rs 14000 and include RO and UV filters.

Purifiers can also exceed Rs 30000. You can still find the alkaline pitcher if you have a low budget. Hard water, however, will not be filtered by these types of purifiers. 

It is usually the most affordable option, ranging from Rs 800 to Rs 75000 for a carbon water purifier.

Ceramic water purifiers cost a little more. Prices can range from Rs 7700 to Rs 2000.

Reverse osmosis water purifiers require installation, so they tend to be more expensive, ranging between Rs 7000 and Rs 30000

UV water purifiers are also more expensive, costing between Rs 8000 and Rs 13000.

List of the RO water purifier with low maintenance cost

Following is list of RO water purifier with their annual maintenance cost.

01. KENT Supreme Alkaline Water Purifier

KENT Supreme Alkaline Water Purifier

In case you didn’t know, Kent Supreme Alkaline, provides double water purification with its patented RO Trademark technology. Purifiers remove impurities and contaminants, but it ensures that the minerals in the water are retained as well. Further, it makes water alkaline and enhances its pH.

This purifier gives you the latest technologies, such as zero water waste technology, UV LEDs, UV fail warnings, and filter change notifications. Besides this, it also can store up to 8 liters of water. So, you will never run out of water.

The water purifier is an excellent value for providing you with pure, safe drinking water with all these features.

Pollution and contamination of water are increasing, so you should filter and purify it before using it. A high-quality water purifier such as the Kent Supreme is the ideal solution.

A multistage water purifier comes with in-tank UV disinfection and TDS control. By eradicating contaminants like bacteria and harmful chemicals, it provides highly reliable water purification.

This Purifier not only purifies water at the highest level but also without wasting any. That’s what makes it greener than many other water purification systems.

Kent Supreme is an improved version of Kent Supreme Water Purifier, which could be considered an alternative to Kent Supreme.

It features multiple purification methods, UV disinfection in-tank, and TDS control, which make it an excellent choice for homes with hard water and water with a high TDS level. Water from complex sources usually contains high TDS levels, so a purifier with TDS control will keep the water safe to drink by eliminating these harmful solids.

Additionally, this water purifier is a perfect addition for households frequently infected with infections and other waterborne diseases because it thoroughly cleans and disinfects the water.

As a result, it is somewhat more expensive than other water purifiers, making it essential to check your budget.

This water purifier is excellent for homes with high TDS levels or heavy metals in the water. Groundwater is often contaminated with these contaminants. Those who live near industrial and agricultural areas should also be aware that groundwater can become contaminated with harmful substances.

You can think of every purification process for the Kent Supreme Extra. Purified water in this purifier is treated with RO+UV+UF+Alkaline, plus in-tank UV disinfection and TDS control. By purifying the water to that level, you are sure it contains no impurities, and you can drink pure water.

Both the purification and storage capacity of this water purifier is excellent. 

The tank has a capacity of 8 liters, and it can purify up to 9.5 liters of water per hour.

Purifying at high speed takes just 20-25 minutes to fill the tank with purified water.

In addition to its water purification and storage capacities, it is ideal for households that experience frequent power outages; whether there is electricity, there will be no water shortages with this purifier.

Contaminated water may reappear after prolonged storage in the tank. However, this water purifier does not suffer from that problem. The storage tank is equipped with UV LED lights. Continuous disinfection is provided by this light, which prevents bacterial growth and contamination of the stored water.


  • High purification production rate.
  • Purifies all types of water.
  • Easy to use.
  • Annual maintenance is approx Rs. 4000
  • Alarms for filter change and UV fails.


  • Separate sediment filter is required if TDS is high.

02. HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Table top

HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Table top

The Tattva 2.0 has a copper tank that is gravity-based. Copper and three essential minerals are added to Copper Maxx – basically a mineral cartridge. 

The new and advanced Pureit Copper+ RO+UV+MF water purifier is unrivaled by these copper water purifiers.

HUL Pureit recently launched a copper-infused RO water purifier.

It uses a unique copper charge technology to provide advanced 7-stage water purification.

It takes a lot of labor for copper to be infused into the water when using a copper vessel.

Water for Purit Copper+ needs to be stored in copper vessels for up to 8-10 hours overnight to avoid oxidation/discoloration, and copper vessels need to be cleaned with lemon juice.

Water that contains copper is known to help boost immunity, reduce digestion problems, aid in weight loss, and promote overall health. As I discussed in a post dedicated to this topic, there are several other health benefits of drinking copper-enriched water.

Pureit provides high-end water purification. One of its most valuable features is its dual water dispensing system. 

Water is continuously dispensed for 3 minutes by simply pressing the soft button. You can stop the water flow by pressing the soft-touch button again, then press it again if more water is needed.

The soft-touch buttons need electricity to dispense water, and you cannot dispense water from the storage if the water purifier is not connected to an inverter. Similar touch-activated water dispensing has been seen in purifiers. To address this issue, Pureit offers a manual installation method.

Using this advanced technology, copper is guaranteed to be present in every glass of water. Nevertheless, in the case of copper vessels, copper concentration in water can differ depending on the age and size of the vessel, the duration of storage, and how the water was treated.


  • Alert for Filter Change.
  • Purification Capacity of up to 28 litres/hour.
  • Alert on filter change.
  • Average annual maintenance cost is approx Rs 3,500.


  • Not found.

03. Havells Pro Safe RO + UV Purified Alkaline Water Purifier

Havells Pro Safe RO + UV Purified Alkaline Water Purifier

When it comes to water purifiers, Havells is one of the most trusted brands in India. This brand never disappoints with its products. It provides safe drinking water with its alkaline water purification system.

Water that is clean and great-tasting comes from reverse osmosis followed by the purifier. Water is protected from bacteria and germs by UV purification and chlorine treatment. A seven-stage UV purification process is used.

Besides mineralizing the water, Havells Max Alkaline water purifiers look beautiful. Water can be enriched with minerals and filtered.

This alkaline water purifier from Havells has a revitalizer, allowing water to absorb minerals better and enhancing hydration. 

Havells Max Alkaline water purifiers have an alert system that notifies you of any problems.

Purification of the water is accomplished through a seven-stage process. Water is filtered through sediment and carbon filters to reduce suspended materials. The RO membrane removes chemicals and pathogens from water. Water is further purified by UV light.

Integrated into the water purifier is an exceptional alkaline taste enhancer, which turns ordinary water into alkaline water. Minerals are infused into the water and kept at a healthy pH level. There is also a lower oxidation potential.

Havells Max faucets feature soft-touch handles. The faucets ensure the smooth flow of water. The kitchen is protected from spills, preventing a mess.

The purified water is stored in built-in tanks. Safe drinking water is always available to you and your family. Cleaning is easy with the removable tank.


  • 7 stage water purification technology.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Alert on filter change.
  • iProtect Purification Monitoring.
  • 7 stages of 100% RO & UV purification.
  • Annual maintenance cost: Rs. 4400


  • Slightly high price.

04. Blue Star Opulus 8 L RO+UV+UF+IBT Alkaline Water Purifier

Blue Star Opulus 8 L RO+UV+UF+IBT Alkaline Water Purifier

Introducing a new blue star water setup that provides you with safe, healthy, and pure drinking water and UV+UF+Immuno boost technology, facilitating making the water tasty.

You can be sure that your water is 100% safe when it is triple-layered with RO, UV, and UF protection. RO removes dissolved impurities and microorganisms. It was manufactured with the best materials available and underwent tight internal control measures at all stages of production. The product’s performance will be satisfactory and trouble-free for years to come. It’s been thoroughly tested under actual operational conditions.

A seven-stage purification system ensures that the water is completely clean. Aqua Taste Booster (ATB) filters the water through a pre-carbon filter. UF membrane and UV lamp are also included. As a result, the water is safe and can be drunk without worrying about waterborne diseases.

For a large family, the 8-liter tank contains enough water.

Thanks to a super-efficient Ro membrane, the RO membrane can purify 285 liters of water per day. Water treated with copper is not only free from odor and smell but also antimicrobial.

This sediment filter of five microns can remove microparticles. Indicators to show the tank is full. They highlighted the method of purification within the setup.


  • 7 stage purification process.
  • 8 litre tank.
  • Purify 285 liters of water per day.
  • Tank full indicator.
  • Flexible installation with easy maintenance.
  • Annual maintenance cost is approx Rs. 3000.


  • It lacks the output pipe for rejected water.

05. Aquaguard Marvel NXT RO+UV+MTDS

Aquaguard Marvel NXT RO+UV+MTDS

RO machines from Eureka Forbes have become a household name over the years. THE COMPANY’S new RO technology is called Aquaguard Marvel, making it more advanced than traditional RO systems.

Anyone wishing to consume pure water can benefit from Aquaguard Marvel. There are no harmful impurities in it. It goes through seven stages of purification, through which all toxic substances are removed. 

Water is purified using UV e-boiling technology. By using the Mineral Guard feature, you can ensure that the minerals from it are not lost when you purify water. During the purification process, the purifier ensures that these minerals remain intact.

Purifies water with high TDS up to 2000 mg/l from diverse sources and diverse sources

A copper-infused purification system adds copper goodness to the purified water.

Mineral Guard technology preserves the goodness of the minerals in the water while chemi-block removes excess chlorine.


  • A 7-stage process and UV e-boiling make this the ideal water purifier.
  • It is made possible by the mineral guard technology to preserve the minerals.
  • MTDS, which stands for Taste Adjuster, gives you sweet-tasting water.
  • Copper-infused water is a benefit of active copper technology.
  • Annual maintenance cost approx 2500 Rs.


  • Water dispensed from a non-copper RO system is not available.
  • In the dark, checking the water level is difficult due to the dark color of the tank, especially when it is dark.
  • Boring design as always.

06. KENT Elegant Compact RO+UF Water Purifier

KENT Elegant Compact RO+UF Water Purifier

Water purifiers like this are best suited for Indian households and offices to treat tap water.

We use multiple purification methods to isolate even dissolved impurities, including RO + UF + TDS Control + UV In-tank. These methods make the water safe to drink.

By adjusting the TDS level of purified water, the level of TDS can be adjusted. Natural minerals are retained in the water.

Designed for domestic use as a wall-mounted unit. 

Natural minerals are retained in pure water by the Mineral Ro Technology.

Kent Grand use several purification processes to remove dissolved impurities, including RO + UF + TDS Control + UV In-tank. These processes provide entirely healthy and free of pollutants water. Natural minerals are retained in purified water using Mineral RO Technology and a TDS Controller. Wall-mounted and attractive, Kent Grand is perfect for treating salty water. 

Mineral RO technology from Kent maintains essential mineral constituents in purified water through TDS control. As a result, the water is safe to drink and wholesome to consume.

The KENT Grand includes a TDS controller that lets users retain desired minerals in purified water.

Water level indicators are included in the advanced water setup to keep track of pure water. Whenever the refined water level drops, the machine will be able to activate.

Monitoring of the purified water level in the storage tank with the level indicator

The capacity of the purification system is 15 liters per hour.

It comes with a tank that can store 8 liters of purified water. Then, even without electricity, you can still get purified water.


  • TDS Controller retains essential minerals.
  • Large storage tank.
  • Water Level Indicator.
  • Annual Maintenance cost is approx Rs 3500.


  • Not found.

07. AO Smith Z9 Hot+ normal RO

AO Smith Z9 Hot+ normal RO

Water purification stages included in the AO Smith Green series Z9 RO water purifier are eight in number. 

Minerals are added to the water through the MIN-TECH technology. Drinking water tastes better with minerals added.

Its breakthrough Advance Recovery Technology recovers two times as much water as traditional purifiers. Less water is wasted.

In addition to the product, the company’s name also lives up to standards. 

In addition to RO purification, SCMT further purifies the water to prevent potential secondary contamination caused by microorganisms. Both purification processes guarantee clean water.

A water purifier and heater in one provide pure drinking water that does not need to be boiled after filtering.

A water heater with a capacity of 1 liter is built into the water purifier.  


  • Sturdy body.
  • Excellent for heating water.
  • Works like a charm with the AO Smith app.
  • Appearance is elegant.
  • This water purifier can be hung on the wall. Also, you can stand on a counter.
  • Works like a charm.
  • Annual maintenance cost is approx 4000.


  • The dispensed water will only work if you have power. If there is no power, the dispensed water will not work.
  • There should have been a little more space for the built-in water heater.

08. Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+MTDS water purifier

Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+MTDS water purifier

Featuring an advanced TDS regulator, the compact AquaSure Delight is a sleek and compact purifier from Aquaguard. 

Water taste can be easily adjusted according to the source. Over 1500 cities trust this brand. It is one of the most preferred brands in the nation. The brand ensures that millions of people have safe drinking water.

With a 6000-liter cartridge life, the water purifier is designed to guarantee safe drinking water year-round. The 7 liter capacity of the water storage unit ensures that safe drinking water is always available, regardless of the availability of electricity.

Energy-saving mode allows you to save electricity. When the tank is complete, it automatically shuts off the power.

You can adjust the Taste of the water-based on the water source with the advanced TDS regulator (MTDS). Moreover, by treating water that contains an MTDS level of up to 2000 parts per million, you can produce water that is delicious and safe for consumption.

Your kitchen is perfectly complemented by the purifier and takes up minimum space.

Mount it on the wall or place it on your kitchen counter as you prefer. Your kitchen will become more elegant with this easy-to-install unit.

There is no pre-filter included. Users have complained that the RO pump has become louder after three months, raising questions about its quality.


  • When UV filter faults are detected, it emits a beep alert.
  • When you use a glass or bottle directly, the push button allows you to open the faucet. Upon pulling it up, the water can continuously flow.
  • A power-on indicator, a purifying indicator, and a full tank indicator can be seen in daily use.
  • Manual control method (MTDS).
  • It has a classic design yet has a modern feel to it.
  • It has a large water storage volume available in the storage tanks.
  • No external stand is required as it can be mounted on the wall or kept on the table.
  • After purification, the water tastes quite good, although the water quality in our area is quite good.
  • Fulling up the tank takes about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • AMC is approx 3000.


  • A significant power adapter needs external mounting with an adapter stand. Therefore, you will need to drill extra holes in the kitchen tiles. 

09. HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Table top

HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Table top

Its storage tank holds 10 liters of water with running input. Water is not continuously inputted into the dispensing system, so its average dispense capacity is 9.2 liters. It is fully automatic when you fill the storage tank and empty it. Once the storage tank is filled, the purification process begins.

Water can be purified up to 28 liters per hour with the Ultima Mineral RO + UV + MF system. But, if there are impurities in the water, it might take longer. 

As a result of the electronic microcontrollers controlling the internal motor and water flow, Pureit Ultima is entirely electrically powered. So you might want to consider living in an area where power outages are frequent. Also, if you do not have access to other power sources like inverters or generators, it would be wise to avoid this product.

Purit Ultima Mineral RO+UV+MF water removes impurities and is safe to drink. There may be impurities in the input water not present in drinking water, or pretreatment may be necessary if the water source is unknown.

Purified and impure water cannot be mixed. Lead, mercury, etc., cannot be removed by anything other than 100% RO.

Two filters must be replaced at fixed intervals, depending on how much water you use.


  • Features an electronic display and blue light.
  • Water can be purified up to 28 liters per hour.
  • Average dispense capacity is 9.2 liters.
  • AMC is approx Rs 3500.


  • The speed at which water is dispensed is too slow.
  • Even if your filters are still clean & the electronic meter says to change it, then you must do so.
  • The moment the electricity goes out, the water stops flowing.

10. Livpure GLO PRO++ RO+UV+UF+Smart TDS Adjuster

Livpure GLO PRO++ RO+UV+UF+Smart TDS Adjuster

Luminous, the leading brand in water purifiers, offers the Livpure range of products. Other established players in the water filtering market face tough competition from the Livpure Glo 7 liters. With a purification capacity of 12 liters per hour and a water storage capacity of 7 liters, it can store and purify water.

Water delivered to you by Livpure GLO is pure, tasty, and healthy because it is purified in six stages. 

It looks stylish and modern thanks to the excellent design of Livpure Glo. Its sleek and attractive appearance gives your eyes a sense of comfort.

Your water is 99.99% clean and safe to drink because of the six-stage purification process that uses UV, UF, and active carbon. Regardless of how heavily polluted the water is, it can be cleaned to produce natural tasting water.

This water purifier is convenient to use in most metropolitan and urban areas. Two key factors determine a region’s quality water supply: pipeline quality and the quality of the water treatment plant. It is highly recommended that you use Livpure Glo if the water in your locality is not fit for drinking.


  • The purified water is safe, clean, and tasty after six stages of purification.
  • Compact and sleek design.
  • Purification capacity of 12 liters per hour.
  • AMC is approx 3500.


  • Filter change doesn’t work properly.

11. V-Guard Rejive RO+UF+MIN+ALK Water Purifier with 8 Stage Purification

V-Guard Rejive RO+UF+MIN+ALK Water Purifier with 8 Stage Purification

The new V-Guard REJIVE water purifier connects to health chargers to keep you healthy. This system provides alkaline drinking water that is safe and pure, providing more nutritious and tastier water. With a multi-stage filtration system, REJIVE provides double-layer protection by combining RO. It has a large dirt holding capacity external pre-filter. 

The large storage tank can help you in the event of power outages. A full tank indicator will appear in the LED icon on the REJIVE. 

In three stages, it goes through a multistage purification process. The RO treatments restore the natural taste of the water by enhancing its minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. Moreover, this protects your water from microbes, ensuring 100% purity and safety.​

Rejive’s RO membrane is designed with best-in-class technology to deliver superior productivity and reduce pressure. The high-performance RO unit provides long-term results, lowering TDS and ensuring the water is free of heavy metals and microorganisms.

Water purifiers use less energy than 2 CFL Bulb, so why worry about electricity consumption? With this cost-effective solution, you and your loved ones will have access to safe, pure water.


  • Smart LED indicator option.
  • Annual maintenance cost is below Rs 1100.
  • Wall mount or table top flexibility.
  • 6.5-liter storage capacity.
  • AMC is approx Rs 3000.


  • Waste a lot of Water droplets.

12. Bepure 3G Hot and Normal 7L RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier with Hot Water Function

Bepure 3G Hot and Normal 7L RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier with Hot Water Function

Bepure 3G Copper+ Hot and Normal RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier have 8 Stage Ultra-Purification process. 

Sediments and other turbidity are removed by filters, extending the life of the cleaners.

Small particles such as dirt, rust, and sand can be effectively removed.

The chlorine and organic chemicals are removed in 99% of the process. In addition to reducing odors and colors, it also refines the flavor of the water.

It removes dissolved particles of less than 0.0001 microns in water using the thin Film composite membrane. Also, it eliminates bacterial, viral, and other pathogenic contaminants in the water. By using UF, it removes bacteria and viruses from water as well as colloidal particles.

Based on input water TDS levels, the TDS controller helps maintain the water’s TDS at optimal levels.

The UV lamp can disinfect the water for optimal consumption by sterilizing bacteria and viruses in the tank.

Infuse the water with essential minerals and get a pH of up to 8.5.

Obtain hot water at a temperature of 80 to 90 degrees and 2 lit/minute capacity. It, therefore, reduces the hassle of making drinks and drinking hot water.

Pure and healthy with 8 stages of purification with copper alkaline technology.


  • Very less noise/sound.
  • Sturdy and good looking with all filters as a part of the body, rather than separate.
  • It comes with hot and cold.
  • Annual maintenance cost is approx 2000 Rs.


  • The average water faucet gets a little warm when the heater is on for more than two hours.

Advantages of RO Water purifier

It is worth considering purchasing a RO water purifier with low maintenance cost in India if you use tap water.

Safety: Homes often use water purifiers to remove toxic substances. Likewise, you can purify tap water to eliminate contaminants. Many chemicals, including arsenic, aluminum, mercury, pesticides, and aluminum, can be removed with a purifier.

Taste: The Taste of tap water improves when pollutants and bacteria are removed, making it more pleasant to drink.

Cost: Most water purifiers are cost-effective by allowing you to drink clean water directly.

Eco-friendly: Bottled water has many disadvantages, including the expense and the plastic bottles thrown away. Even recycling bottles consumes energy that is harmful to the environment. By using a water purifier, you can drastically reduce the amount of plastic waste produced in your home.


The best way to get essential minerals for our bodies is to drink alkaline water. By the time you read this, you are confident enough to pick the best RO water purifier with low maintenance cost in India your needs. Then choose one of the products on the above list if you are unsure. 

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