8 Best silent ceiling fan in India for bedroom in March, 2023

Best silent ceiling fan in India for bedroom

The silent ceiling fan of this era are perfect for keeping cool during the hot summer months. Whether it’s sturdy construction or looks or even its .healthfulness, it has come a long way in enhancing customer’s comfort, health and other well-being with having all of those features.

These are highly efficient, can be controlled by remote and can also be connected to a wi-fi. As mentioned earlier, people with allergies or asthma also benefit from these fan, which is especially helpful when they have problem with breathing. some bonus features could be noiseless operation, incorporation of LEDs and many more.

Being an inevitable appliance, an AC can be replaced too with these modern fans. The noiseless ceiling fan market in India is intensely contested as there are so many brands providing a wide selection of styles with a varying price range. So, the silent ceiling fan we recommend would be the best ones for you with all those features if you intend to buy one. Ceiling fans generally perform well, but you should still take note of a few things to consider when shopping.

In this article, we will show you how to buy the best ceiling fan at a reasonable price after examining eight of the best silent ceiling fan in India for bedroom in the market simultaneously. Read on!

List of best noiseless ceiling fan in India

For you ease we have made a comparison table of product with their respective noise level.

Product NameNoise LevelBuy Now
Atomberg Renesa53 dBCheck Price
Havells Stealth Wood57 dBCheck Price
Crompton Silent Pro52 dBCheck Price
V-Guard Exado Pro55 dBCheck Price
Havells Stealth Underlight53 dBCheck Price
Havells Festiva50 dBCheck Price
Usha Bloom Magnolia57 dBCheck Price
Havells Troika57 dBCheck Price

Here is the list of best noiseless ceiling fan in India

01. Atomberg Renesa 1200mm 28W BLDC Motor with Remote ( Noise level 53 dB)

When it comes to finding a fan that will complement the décor of your space and add a sense of style, this is the one for you. Atomberg’s Efficio 1200 mm Ceiling Fan is powered by an energy-efficient BLDC motor delivering 220 cubic metres of air per minute. As a result of the BLDC motor, the fan also runs smoothly without humming.
With its inverter stabilisation technology, it runs consistently regardless of voltage fluctuations. It is equipped with a smart remote control with which you can control the speed and modes of the fan.  The fan spins at 340 rpm, while the remote offers a timer, sleep, fan speed and light control functions. Energy-efficiency being another aspect makes it economical to operate, especially over the long run.
  • BLDC motor: Efficient in energy usage.
  • It comes with remote control.
  • 220 cubic metres of air per minute.
  • Easy installation.
  • Quality of the remote is not up to the mark.

02. Havells Stealth Wood 80W Pinewood Co Chr Special Ceiling Fan ( Noise level 57 dB)

Havells Stealth Wood decorative ceiling fan is part of the latest range of silent ceiling fan in India. It comes with stunning features including a top of the line motor, quiet operation, and great air delivery.
A wood finish adorns the ceiling fan, and it is controlled by mobile app and remote control as well as through popular voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home. Furthermore, this fan is also capable of sensing the temperature and humidity in the room and accordingly adjusting the speed.
Additionally, it offers Sleep and Breeze modes for nighttime comfort and a soothing natural breeze effect, as well as a five-speed setting, timer setting, and auto-on/auto-off functions.
Furthermore, the blades of the fan are dust-resistant and rust-free. In terms of speed and power consumption, it offers 280 revolutions per minute and a power consumption of 78 Watts, which makes it one of the best silent ceiling fan in India.
  • It comes with Non-Corrosive Body.
  • Its Aerodynamic Blades ensures Wider Conical Spread Of Breeze.
  • High energy efficiency motor.
  • Low noise level.
  • Not found.

03. Crompton Silent Pro Enso 1225 mm ( Noise level 52 dB)

An aerodynamic design is featured on this SilentPro Enso Smart ceiling fan, along with Active BLDC Technology for 52dB quiet operation. The 42W motor can operate between 90V and 300V. 
Smart features are available through the MyCrompton app, as well as integration with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. There are two modes of operation available.
In addition to the aerodynamic design that ensures quiet operation, a remote control is also included with this model. A 240 CMM air delivery rate makes SilentPro fans as powerful as any conventional fan on the market.
Thanks to the Active BLDC motor, the fan reduces your power consumption by 50%. Additionally, there is a safety cable that ensures the fan does not fall if it is improperly installed or if parts wear out.
  • It comes with  5 years on-site warranty.
  • Very Low Power consumption only 42W.
  • High Air delivery: 240 CMM.
  • Seamless blade design ensures noiseless operation.
  • Noise level is only – 52 dB.
  • Slow Remote function.

04. V-Guard Exado Pro Decorative Ceiling Fan ( Noise level 55 dB)

If you budget is low and looking for a silent ceiling fan in India, then the V-Guard Exado pro you may consider. It is painted multiple times to feature anti-dust technology, so it will attract less dirt than a regular fan. In terms of blade, the company did not spare any effort to use the best available.
Using aluminium, the blades have been made to eliminate any air flow obstructions. In addition, it also rotates at a much faster speed at a rate of about 400 revolutions every minute. This fan also meets all your needs by offering so many colours to choose from.
With a three-year warranty, it’s guaranteed to last for a long time. If cleanliness is a high priority for you, then this highly advanced dust-resistant fan is the perfect choice for you.
  • V guard ensures quality products with strong after sales support.
  • Customer issues are addressed at the top of the priority list.
  • It comes with 3 years warranty.
  • There is very little power consumption and the motor is extremely efficient.
  • Multiple colour option.
  • It comes with Double Shielded Ball Bearings for long lasting performance.
  • Low noise level – 55 dB.
  • It doesn’t come with remote control.

05. Havells Stealth Underlight 1250mm Ceiling Fan ( Noise level 53 dB)

Shop Havells Stealth Underlight 125cm Sweep 3 Blade Ceiling Fan today, and relish a stylish ceiling for your office or home.
It consumes 86 watts.

Thanks to the ABS body, it is durable. Featuring a superior metallic paint finish with a dust and mark-resistant coating, it is highly durable. Compatible with inverters, this lamp is highly efficient.

Buy Havells Stealth Underlight 125cm Sweep 3 Blade Ceiling Fan featuring an integrated three-color LED light. The air delivery rate is 16800 m3/hour with a speed of 280 RPM.
There are two ball bearings. Havells Stealth Underlight 125cm Sweep 3 Blade Ceiling Fan is available in online.
  • The paint finish is of high-quality and resistant to dust and markings.
  • LED Underlight with Colour Changeability.
  • Durable ABS Body.
  • Low noise level: 53 dB.
  • Only one colour option.

06. Havells Festiva 1200mm Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan ( Noise level 50 dB)

Havells Festiva 1200mm Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan is the solution to your problem if you would like to avoid compromising on quality.
Havells is known for its high quality, highly efficient electrical appliances because of which it is known as the most trusted brand in India.
It is the motor that uses about 74 watts of power that contributes to the higher quality of these ceiling fans. In addition to complementing just about any kind of ceiling and interior, the fan makes the surrounding area appear antique. Cool breezes can be created throughout the room thanks to the blades’ high angle. With a powerful HPLV motor, the Havells Leganza 1200mm Ceiling Fan covers a space of up to 100 square feet.
It delivers 230 CMM of air and has a large sweep area. Featuring a 400 RPM speed, smooth airflow and excellent air circulation are provided. Featuring dual-tone colours, the blades also feature eye-catching trims.
  • Multiple colour option.
  • It comes Double ball bearings for long lasting performance.
  • Very low noise level – 50 dB.
  • Easy to install.
  • It comes with dust resistance.
  • No remote control.

07. Usha Bloom Magnolia 1250mm (Noise Level 56 dB)

Buy the Usha Bloom Magnolia 1250mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan online to enhance the look of your room. It retains less dust than a conventional fan, thus requiring less cleaning and ensuring a hygienic environment.
With their superior Novel Silane Paint Technology and water-repellent properties, these fans resist dust atom by atom. This facilitates easy and hassle-free blade cleaning, particularly at the edges. Usha Bloom Magnolia is meant for perfect air delivery.
Revolving at a high speed of 380 RPM, this fan can deliver 235 cubic metres of air per minute.
An exotic finish extends from the blade trims to the body ring of the fan, adding further to its grace. In addition, it improves the airflow, increasing the machine’s efficiency. A fan like this will be a great addition to a sophisticated area of your home.
  • Attractive design.
  • Low noise ceiling fan – 56 dB.
  • It comes with air delivery of 235m3/min.
  • It’s blades are scratch and stain resistant.
  • Easy clean with wet clothe.
  • No remote Remote control operation.

08. Havells Troika 1200mm Ceiling Fan ( Noise Level 57 dB)

Despite their success in the home appliance market, Havells fans display the same quality and perfection. They are incredibly cost-effective, facilitating people willing to get several fans at a reasonable price.
A ceiling fan like the Nicola 1200mm by Havells is aesthetically pleasing. With a contemporary look, this fan is sure to add a lot of charm to your home interior.
Elegant and stylish, its design and metallic finish are unmatched. 74 watts are used by this Havells’ fan, which features 350 RPM.
The motor cover and blades of the ceiling fan feature decorative trims and a high-efficiency motor. It has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Compared to other fans in the same price range, the fan complements the interior well and offers a better airflow. It features a copper motor that increases the product’s durability and ensures its longevity.
For a budget-friendly option with all the features of a top brand, the Havells Troika is an excellent choice if you .
This product offers excellent performance at an affordable price.
  • It comes with powerful motor with superior air delivery.
  • Very stylish.
  • Noiseless operation – 57 dB.
  • Easy to install.
  • It comes with 2 years warranty.
  • Dust resistance information is missing.

Things to consider while buying a silent ceiling fan in India

Choose The Best Brands For Ceiling Fans: Choosing a quality brand is crucial in purchasing a ceiling fan of high quality.

Do not buy from cheap retailers: In-Home warranties for the brands listed above will be of at least two years. In the event of any problem, the company will send someone out to repair, or even replace the fan. Take comfort in knowing that the little more money you spend will be covered by insurance.

DC Vs AC: It appears that a few companies have switched back to AC ceiling fans instead of DC ceiling fans due to some odd reasons. In the long run, this is a misguided approach because AC ceiling fans consume a lot of energy and burn out faster. Nevertheless, the most problematic aspect is a ticking noise that occurs after a year of use. 

Style: Today’s market is unique because ceiling fans come in so many styles, colours, textures, sizes and many more. Select a fan that is complementary to the décor, particularly in terms of matching textures and colours.

Blades: Different fan blades come in different finishes, such as plastic, aluminium, stainless steel, etc. The air movement between them is not too different, however plywood and plastic are certainly the quietest, with stainless steel being the loudest. It is recommended to use ABS ceiling fans in coastal areas, as these will last a lot longer and will not corrode with time.

The Motor: It is due to the motor that is responsible for operating quietly while the blades drive the air to move around the unit. Ensure that the motor you purchase has exceptionally durable windings and greased sealed bearings. The less powerful motors found on low-quality fans may produce higher operating temperatures, reduced air circulation, and noisier operations. The motor is designed to work seamlessly for a long period of time and should last longer.

Choosing the Right Lighting Kit for Your Decor: Depending on your fan style and room decor, we offer classic to contemporary lights. Several types of lighting options are available, including single light bowls, spotlights, and multiple shades to enhance the design, among others.

Consider the Warranty: Look for a good warranty when purchasing a ceiling fan. There are some manufacturers that offer lifetime warranties and in-home service. 

Installation: An average person can install the product themselves in about an hour if they have a few basic skills. The instructions that come with most ceiling fans make it incredibly easy to install your new fan and begin using it right away. Determine whether electrical wires need to be run to the ceiling of the room where you want the fan to be installed, as most homeowners replace existing lights with ceiling fans, the wiring is typically there. Support systems for some fans are available to assist you in making the connections, freeing your hands, and allowing you to simply hang the fan from a hook in the electrical box while you install it.

Height of the fan: Almost all homes have ceiling fans, which are one of the simplest electric appliances. However, the most concerning factor of a fan is its height. This factor can really hamper the looks of your place as well as your comfort, since a fan with too much of height might fail to circulate air properly throughout the room, again, one with less height might come under contact zone. So, be careful regarding this while choosing one.

Rotation per minute: Checking the fan’s RPM and CMM is essential while purchasing one. Revolution per minute (RPM) tells about the maximum speed of the fan. Alternatively, CMM represents the amount of air discharged versus the area covered.

Price: If you want a ceiling fan, you need to figure out how much you can afford. Fans are available in a variety of price brackets. A basic one is available for as little as Rs 2000 and it can cost as much as Rs 8000 based on its features.

Frequently Asked Questions:

People usually ask these questions when they want to buy a silent ceiling fan in India

How important is the size of ceiling fan blades?

When it comes to ceiling fans, the blade size is important. Having a small blade size means the fan will be smaller, but it will produce a powerful, direct flow of air. Small rooms or rooms where air must be directed in a particular direction are perfect for this. Fans with large blades create an airflow that is soft and comfortable. This works well for sleeping areas as well as living rooms.

How many blades should be there for a perfect fan ?

Most ceiling fans have three blades. Three-blade ceiling fans provide decent airflow and can rotate at a reasonable speed. Most designer ceiling fans have four blades. Four-bladed fans have a much lower airflow and are more costly than three-bladed fans. They have lower air speed and are quieter than 3 blade ceiling fans, and are frequently used for circulating air from air conditioners.

Do fans with more blades perform better?

Not always. Regarding ceiling fans, it’s basically up to personal taste. Several factors affect the number of blades, including aesthetics, maintenance, and cost. Operation should also be taken into account. 


With silent ceiling fans for bedroom , your home will be more valuable. Adding style, comfort, safety, and convenience to any room is their purpose. You should consider the eight noiseless ceiling fan brands in India we have listed here if you want to purchase one. In our review, we focused on quiet ceiling fans that are energy efficient, convenient, and durable. Take a look at our recommendations and bring home your own incredible fans. Thank you! 

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