Birthday Speech for Husband

Birthday Speech for Husband

It is a very lucky day to me, for sure. It’s the day when Byrde* was born, His entire existence has been nothing less than a blessing. From High school to college and from professional life to having children, he has always been there for me.

I rarely tell you this but you are really a very kind, understanding and loveable person. I would’ve to give credit to your mom in this one, She raised a true gentleman. Your friendly and supportive nature has won you many loyal friends including me.

Your positive outlook to problems has helped us to remain calm and perform better in the hardest circumstances that we have been through as family. I don’t think I would’ve made this far into a relationship with anyone other than you. Your patience and wisdom really helps to keep things together.

After knowing you for so many years, I have an assurance that I would always have the love and support of my husband and I’m not alone in this big world. Many many happy returns of the day, Byrde*. May you blow many more candles in the years to come and God bless you with health and happiness.

To a responsible father, a loving son, a loyal friend, a smart collegue and the best husband, Happy Birthday! Your 40th birthday means a lot to me. It feels like we are hitting a milestone in this beautiful journey of ours.

I have known you for half of your life and I have seen you grow. From a careless and unorganised young man in his twenties to a mature and responsible father in his fourties. Fortunately one thing hasn’t changed in all these years and that’s your Smile, As cheerful as ever.

I can never forget your words of constant support and encouragement during the start of my career as product manager.  It’s your support and care that has kept me going and has helped me to grow both personally and professionally.

At last, I would like to say Thank you for everything that you have done for your family and friends. May your life ahead be filled with happiness and prosperity. You truly have our love and respect.

Happy Birthday Nathan*, I have prepared a birthday speech for you. I too wanted to deliver a long 10 minutes speech about how you made my life beautiful and how your love and support helped me to grow. So, I started to write but I found that the Words aren’t enough to describe our relationship or I haven’t learnt enough words.

When I really started to analyse all the years that we’ve spent together and how you have impacted my life, I was a bit overwhelmed realising how much your presence has changed my life and changed it for good. Your positive, humorous and responsible attitude kept me away from many negative things.

Our journey together has been nothing less than adventurous. We met at such points in our lives when we both were in a sort of transition phase. New graduates out of college; shifting jobs, finding house, paying loans, settling down, all this can be pretty exhausting but we faced all these together and It made a lot of difference.

Thank you for cheering me up whenever I feel down, You have every quality of a perfect life partner, Please never change the way you are. I can’t imagine how boring my life would’ve been without You. Once again, Happy Birthday. Enjoy the day and may You Live long and happy.

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