5 Gadgets Every Cyclist Will Fall in Love With

Gadgets Every Cyclist Will Fall in Love With

It’s a sad truth that all life people work like crazy and compromise on their health to earn a large amount of wealth. And after some years those very people are spending a large sum of their money to get back their good health. Instead of making long visits to hospitals in later life and reserving time for constant hospital appointments, it is better to take charge now and instead make time for your health. Among the many ways from which people choose to remain fit; cycling is a popular one. Cyclists indulge in it not just to maintain their health but also to drive away their stress. If you are a cycling fanatic, you must check out the following .

#1 Strong Mobile holder

A mobile holder must be attached to your bike so that you don’t get distracted by searching for it in your pockets when it rings. It can slow down your speed and spoil the thriller. Not to forget, it can even cause accidents. Escape from this situation by purchasing a mobile holder which is very strong in grip and doesn’t let your mobile slip away under any circumstances. Even when it vibrates strongly. Get one today by using Amazon coupons available on CashKaro.com

#2 Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal

A wireless bicycle turn signal is a great gadget to notify people when you are about to take a turn and keep yourself safe. You can attach it to your seatpost and it will signal your directions without you having to use your hands and get distracted. It comes with a wireless remote. You have to press a button to illuminate the red light to signify that you are taking a turn. This alerts the other drivers. You can charge it using a USB cable.

#3 BikeSpike

If you are constantly worried about your bike getting stolen, BikeSpike is the answer to your problem! It not just tracks your location but also counts the calories you burn helping you keep a track on your fitness progress level. If someone stoles your bike, the BikeSpike will show you the location where your bike is being rode either on your mobile or home device. This way you can catch the thief. You can also keep a tab on the distance you have travelled with it.

#4 ICEdot crash sensor

God forbid that you met with a bad accident with no help nearby. ICEdot will answer your prayers at that time by alerting your loved ones. It is a safety gadget which every avid biker should possess. When paired with a ICEdot app on a smartphone, it will provide information on motion detection and signifying of any change in force. It works on the logic of a countdown clock.  The countdown clock starts after getting a signal from Bluetooth. Until it is stopped, your emergency contacts will be notified through the app. Also ensure that you wear properly fitted clothes to avoid minor accidents. You can get quality sportswear at irresistible discounted prices by taking advantage of naaptol coupons available on CashKaro.com

#5 Fitbit fitness band

Wearable fitness trackers are the newest trend and people are making full use of them to simplify their life and benefit from them. Fitbit fitness band will help you monitor your fitness progress level by calculating distance, calories and giving you an elaborate report on your fitness activity. It also monitors your sleep pattern and helps you in sleeping better.


The list of  mentioned in this post is very useful providing safer and better cycling experience. Using these gadgets while cycling will improve your safety, health and will provide you more productivity.

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