Pin Webpages on the Mac Menu Bar Like Apps With This Nifty App

Apple’s Mac computers are loaded with many useful apps, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the one we covered today if you like to keep track of various social media apps and web platforms. With MenubarX, it is now possible to pin webpages on the macOS menu bar as apps, allowing you to access them from anywhere with easy access.

Created by an independent developer named Zili Huang, MenubarX offers seamless web browsing in macOS through its powerful menu bar tool. It lets you pin web pages, music streaming services, and even games to your Mac’s menu bar in order to allow you to access them whenever you like. When you open your browser, you will be able to access a live version of the pinned web pages without having to open the browser. Apps will be displayed on the menu bar.

After you install MenubarX on your Mac, you will be able to access the browser by clicking on the X icon on the menu bar. After you’ve opened a new web page and pinned it on the menu bar, you can then open another web page. As an example, if you open your Twitter feed on your Mac and pin it to the menu bar, a new icon for the web page, with its official logo, will appear on the menu bar. By clicking on the icon, you will be able to see a live version of the feed in a small drop-down window.

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